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We want to create the future of digital media. The benefits to completing our program firstly is the knowledge and skills you will gain as a professional media producer. The student will walk away with a complete understanding of how to plan, execute and monetize their art. The staff at are longtime working professionals and DreaMachine staff. Our internships are funded from the work we put in as professional creatives. We rely on our integrity, effort and quality of work to keep the DreaMachine going so we can create more programs for our future Media Makerz. We believe that accessibility is the major obstacle for many young creators. The tools they need are often too expensive or have such limited access that they are rarely given what they need to see their full vision to fruition. We at spare no expense in the quality of the equipment that we make available to our students. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of our students bringing their Dreamz to life. We appreciate the trust given to us by all parents to influence their students' special young minds.





Executive Director & Industry Pro

Wussup y’all? I’m P. Ryan Parks, Exec. Director here at MMz. I started off my professional creative career as a recording artist signing a deal with a local label and ending on a country wide tour. Fast forward a few years and I started my production company DreaMachine that I currently run with my right hand man and cousin ChrisP. We’ve done everything from music videos to websites and now we want to train up the next generation of great creatives. I can’t wait to see what we can learn from each other!


COO & Industry Pro

Yo, I'm ChrisP.  I'm the COO & an Industry Pro for MMz. My professional background is in audio as recording & mixing engineer for both music & film, both live & produced! Teaming up with my cousin P.Ryan has made our productions a gold standard of our industry and community. Im so excited to teach you what we know & I hope to learn something from you too. Let's create some dope stuff!



Industry Pro

What's good, I'm Gio, a music producer, artist, and owner of recording label AA Ent. I'm born & raised in Oceanside, Ca. I specialize in audio engineering & my main goal is to help students reach their maximum potential in the music industry.

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