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Hi, I'm a student of oceanside high I study the digital arts pathway, and make so far I've studied photography graphic art, and 3D modeling. I'm currently still studying that last one. Something small about me is that I'm a soccer player and at some point wanted to make it big. Now I'm just hoping I can work hard and get better and better at digital art.

Name:Juan Pablo Garcia Torres

Mission Statement:

My goal is to become a character designer for this company to help the team in making these games so that we can all create unforgettable experiences with our games using amazing mechanics and characters. My strongest qualities are my patience and persistence. These qualities would help the company by having someone who can tolerate a lot and keep pressing on to make whatever project I am given the best it can be.


(Provide a history of your experiences relevant to the position you wish to apply for. Discuss your qualifications and training. 5 sentences max.)

Being a student from oceanside high school I completed the arts and digital media pathway in 2022. I created and completed 2 different 3D short films a logo for the school's broadcasting show (OTV) and a produced ad. I was trained in digital media specifically production and the principles of 3D animation I also took a class on digital art where I was shown how to use colors and different styles for posters or a “Start screen” for games.


(Use this section to list your education history)


  • Lincoln Middle school

  • Oceanside high school

  • Art and Digital media pathway


(Describe your qualifications and extracurricular activities relevant to the position you wish to apply for. 3 sentences max.)

During my time at Lincoln middle school, I learned how to code giving me a greater understanding of the game-making process because of learning the basics of making a game (Coding). During my first year in oceanside high school, I was shown how to use photoshop in the photography class, photoshop gave me a certain understanding of the basic tools and mechanisms of photoshop and other digital art software. During my second year at oceanside high, I was taught about digital design which helped me learn how to make colors fit each other and create cool-looking start screens and or compositions.

I worked at a flower company called Rafi's flowers in which I would manage myself and managed others I managed the money that came in during the said time I was working. I committed to that job for 4 years making flower arrangements and managing money. I was also responsible for setting up computers at the workplace and keeping them up to date with everything that was needed.

Work History:

  1. Rafis flowers

  • Title

  • I made bouquets, made sure the flowers had water by filling up the buckets with water, made flower arrangements, sold flowers at stands on festive days. I managed the money from a collective group of people.


When I worked at the flower shop I impacted the team by making sure everyone had the money that they were supposed to have, by making lists and counting all the money while having the expected amount on a piece of paper. The bumps I had were mainly due to the fact I was still a young child and people tried taking advantage of it by not giving them all of the money and telling the owner of the company that I was telling her the wrong sums of money that she should have received. I discovered a discrepancy in the finances and I presented a solution that resulted in the company generating more revenue and being able to pay its employees the correct amounts.

About my latest project

  1. In this project, I made sure the house looked as good as possible because most of the animation takes place walking down the street and all you can see are houses and the man in the doorway at the end of the animation was for a small (Horror) effect.

  2. The workflow was mainly placed on the house and how realistic I could make it because it's the centerpiece of the entire project everything else came after the man was a small side piece for a fun effect. What I learned from this was how to rig the model of a man and make it do whatever I want.

  3. The colors I chose for the piece was light blue because it doesn't really make you focus much on it and usually blue is used for conveying calmness. The light placement was to give a small amount of eerieness to the entire animation. The man was to add a dash of scarry into the calm and eerie animation.

3D animation for Otv

Show intro 3d logo


Personal project:

Juan Garcia
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