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Hello Everyone. My name is Amanda Eden. I'm a high school student who loves to do 3D Animation and would love to share what I do and maybe create a dope movie or show.

Mission Statement:

I want to use my skills in 3D animation to contribute to the making of the best animated movie. Leadership and teamwork are by far my strongest traits. Having the ability to make a plan and guide/work with my team can improve productivity, and being able to work with others and take everyone's ideas into perspective can really improve the project.


As a student at Oceanside High School I completed the Arts & Digital Media Pathway in 2022. In this pathway I have learned photorealism, how to use a camera, and how to use different apps to animate. Also, during my time in this pathway I have produced four animated short films, two 3D logos, and also some 2D scenes/logos. I was trained in creating short films with teammates and alone.


MCJROTC also helped me with my leadership and to take charge in the time of need and also to work with my teammates and friends to complete tasks. My pathway has helped me with my teamwork because we had to work in groups to create scenes so we had to work together and take everyone's ideas into perspective to make an awesome short film.


As a sergeant in the MCJROTC program in 2022, I have learned a huge amount of leadership in working with my fellow cadets to complete tasks. In MCJROTC we had a Regional Inspection and as a sergeant when the other higher ranks were absent I stepped up and helped out inspecting our company. Some of the hardships I went through were being confident enough to step up to take the leadership position and also to sound like I have the knowledge so that people would listen and follow me.


  • Oceanside High School 2023

Work History:


  • Track & Field

  • Volunteering

Scene's I've created:


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Landscape Short:

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If you want to learn or see more contact me here:

Amanda Eden
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